IT Services Case Study

IT Support Service Provider

Significant Potential Return On Investment

Telephone appointments aligned to the customer profile
Qualified call backs
Further appointments in the pipeline
Total potential pipeline value
£ 0

Our client offers Business IT Support, Security Solutions, Telecoms and Cloud Solutions. They know they have amazing solutions but promoting their services, reaching their target audience and gaining traction in a crowded marketplace wasn’t in their skillset, so they turned to us for help.

Getting the approach right 

With IT support contracts, timing is everything and making the right approach to the right person in the business is crucial. The ideal customers were councils, estate agents, solicitors and financial services. It was also very important that our conversations kept the jargon to a minimum and a strong emphasis on building relationships.  

Keeping up momentum

Part of our expertise is in building robust pipelines. From having initial conversations that glean contract information and ensuring follow ups to securing the appointments even up to a year after the first call is part of why clients trust us to deliver. The pipeline value of £193,050 generated in less than 2 months represents a 15X potential return on investment. 

Reflections on Campaign Success

“I like the gentle approach and find that’s the best way to engage the prospect in conversation. I’m really good at building trust in a short space of time and the feedback from the client, who occasionally listens to my call recordings, knows that my honest and open approach perfectly fits with their company ethos.”

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