How to create 5m opportunity

Quality telemarketing is all about relationship building with valuable decision makers who, over time, gain your trust and believe that you have a solution that will solve a problem or add value to their business. Most businesses have a lead-in time from introduction to close of sale of 3 months (+).


Creating valuable sales opportunities does not happen overnight, it takes time!


I would like to share with you a positive and successful outcome: one perfect example came to light on one of our end of the day team meetings – where we convene to share our successes of the day. One of our talented Business Sales Specialist team expressed her excitement at securing the opportunity for our lovely logistics client to tender for a contract worth £5M!


However, this opportunity was not generated instantly! Our BDS began her relationship with this prospect in December 2019. Through our effective and professional KIT (Keep In Touch) nurture programme, our professional BDS built up a storyboard of the prospect’s challenges with their current supplier relationship. The KIT included numerous conversations with stakeholders in the business, LinkedIn requests and e-mail contact.


The opportunity over two years resulted in a positive outcome, our client presented to the decision makers with confidence whilst understanding their challenges and demonstrating to them an alternative solution. Following this our client was offered the chance to tender for the lucrative contract.


We, and our client, are so delighted; it just highlights that tenacity coupled with a professional and personable, friendly approach always pays dividends. If you’d like to discuss how our approach could help you too, then please get in touch: